This little project of mine is a simple blog addressing geek culture. Here I shall be spreading news of all things geeky, giving various reviews of things such as anime, video games, and movies, and much, much more! While this is my personal blog, I will primarily be posting reviews, essays and the like pertaining to geek culture.

About the Author

I’m just your typical geek who happens to know how to use a computer. Best known online as Sachi, I’ve been a long time frequent of the Evageek Forums; as implied, I am a huge fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is probably the show that got me into anime to begin with. Other than anime, I love video games, movies, and music. I love to go to conventions and meet lots of new people, geeks like me, and just experience fun and new things. As far as other sites go, you can find me on My Anime List, FanGirlTastic, and if you search really hard you’ll find me on Facebook and Twitter; I do go to other sites, but not too frequently.

If you wish to contact me personally, you can simply email me at


All my reviews are expressive of my own personal opinion of things I watch or play, and will contain no spoilers! The point is to provide a taste of what a certain media (be it anime, movies, or something) is about before you, the audience goes out and experiences it for yourself. If you have seen the show/movie/game or whatnot before hand, well, you should read anyways and share your own opinions in the form of a comment. This is Geeks With Taste and not The Geek With Taste for a reason, and I want to get your opinions as well.


Occasionally I am put in the mood to write essays regarding certain topics pertaining to geek culture, and when the does happen I post those essays here. Sometimes they’re about some controversial issue, and sometimes they’re just random rants; either way, they can be quite enjoyable every once in a while. Expect plenty in the future!


While my past interviews have been of community members from the Evageeks Forums, I am looking into getting more interviews of a more variety of people. I am a convention goer, so I may meet people to interview that way as well.


I do not claim ownership of pictures or screenshots I use on my blog, nor of the media I critique. All ownership belongs to their respective owners, and not me. However, all the content I write here on Geeks With Taste does belong to me, so do not copy any of it. If you wish to use any of the content within this blog, please ask permission and credit me for the work I have put into this blog.

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I Do Take Requests!

If you have any requests for any reviews or topics you’d like discussed on this blog, or any other types of requests, just leave them in a comment on this page and I’ll be sure to give them all a shot!

I’m also open to comments or suggestions on what to do to improve this blog, so feel free!