Geeks With Taste on FanGirlTastic!

Because I’m the kind of guy you would expect to have special connections and people to get things done for me, it’s no surprise that word of this small little site would be shared on other small little sites. However, I’ve also managed to make friends with much larger sites, full functioning forums even, like FanGirlTastic!

Formerly Pretty Scary, the forum dedicated to the fangirl’s passion for horror movies that also gave commercial reviews of horror movies, FanGirlTastic has since expanded to a fangirl haven for all genres and media, and is looking to improve on their anime catalog. That’s where I come in.

Geeks With Taste is now having it’s reviews shared with FanGirlTastic and featured on the site. A few reviews have already been posted, and more are to come in the future!

But why does this matter to you? Well, I figured I would help advertise the site, as it too is still growing and could use more audience! While it is fangirl oriented, there’s still plenty of room for fanboys and he/she’s alike, and it already has a footing in the horror community.  It is now also one of the few forums I’ll be frequenting from now on along with the EvaGeeks forums, so you can catch me being me in a forum setting, and still able to read my reviews!

So, if you’re interested in a fan forum dedicated to all aspects of geekiness, look no further than FanGirlTastic, the fansite for the fangirl who has everything (except a killer unicorn that shoots lasers) and now a site to share with you geeks with taste.