Otaku: The Series

This one is going to be a shorter blog update, but important nonetheless! A new web series has risen from the depths of weeaboo culture, a young and daring show exposing otaku for what they really are. I am speaking, of course, of Otaku: The Series. A somewhat autobiographical concept created by Goldie Chan, Otaku is a slice of life comedy starring Goldie as Coco, a spunky young college otaku who has just become president of the anime club. Along with her friends, classmates, and fellow nerds, Coco will go through adventure after adventure dealing with anime and its interesting fanbase.

As I had mentioned in a previous blog reviewing this year’s FanimeCon, I discovered this web series during it’s premiere in Ballroom B, where Goldie Chan rushed into the room to steal five minutes of our precious time. Although, she was practically stealing candy from a baby, considering the group of people she was presenting it to– that’s what I call smart marketing. Needless to say, I found myself interested, compelled to support this new series, and a bit sad I wasn’t able to to nab one of the free buttons; maybe I’ll be more lucky next year.

The actual series itself, though, is quite interesting. As most web series are, each webisode is only a few minutes in length, and Otaku pulls it off in a manner similar to NBC’s The Office. Each of the characters are based on a mix of weeaboo stereotypes and Goldie’s past experience in anime clubs. During her presentation at FanimeCon, she even called out for the audience to give her stereotype ideas, such as the Yaoi Freak, the Know-It-All Nerd, and a NaruTard. Hopefully that last one doesn’t make the cut.

So, this is my message to you: support this web series, or I will eat you, seriously. Whether you are an anime fan able to relate to the characters and laugh at yourself a bit; or whether you like nice, comedies and want to laugh at other people, you will enjoy spending a few minutes of your time to watch the webisodes. This fun little show is going places, and you won’t want to miss it.

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Currently, two episodes have been released, with many more to come. Once the show develops a bit more I may give one of my famous critiques, but until then, this has been Sachi, advertising stuff again.