Recent Blog Updates: Keeping the Users Up to Date!

Over the last month or so I have been making several changes to the blog’s format, accessibility and overall friendliness for the users, including a few perks for everybody to enjoy. However, not everything that gets changed around here is instantly obvious to everybody. So, think of this post as my way of letting you know what’s been going on, new features that have been implemented, and other important stuff, including a Facebook page!

The Random Post Generator:

That simple little shuffle button off to the side you may have seen around lately is the new random post generator. Nothing too special about it. The random post generator, as the name implies, will take you to a random Geeks With Taste post. This is a great way to stumble upon old reviews and other fun stuff that you may have otherwise never come across during your visits to the site, and it keeps the old stuff a bit more fresh. It’s also fun to just press and see what comes out of it!

The Geeks With Taste HTML Badge:

Also nothing very special. The GWT HTML Badge is a simply HTML code you can post on to your site to advertise this blog, or as a way to link to us at the click of the mouse instead of finding us by our URL. It would be great if all of you could spread these around and get the Geeks With Taste name out there; the site only gets better with more readers and if this becomes a really serious project, I may even look into getting my own domain with better site features and more pretty colors to look at. And this is just a step into the right direction.

The badge and HTML can be found on the sidebar to the right.

The ‘Requests’ and ‘Categories’ Pages:

Two new pages have shown up in addition to the ‘About Us Geeks…’ page. The first page is the ‘Requests’ page. Being that I want to make this blog as user-friendly as possible, I wanted to be able to allow you, my esteemed readers, to be able to send in your comments or requests regarding the site; this includes things I can do to better the site, or simply reviews and other stuff you want to see done on here. It’s up to you.

The next is the ‘Categories’ page. Not all WordPress themes allow for full accessibility, and it’s hard to find one that provides the best options for the readers. I wanted to be able to keep my blog categories available to the readers, but I didn’t want it to clutter and make my one sidebar a huge, long mess. So I decided to give the categories an entire page of their own. If you’re ever feeling particular about what kind of posts you want to read, just stop by that page where the categories are broad, yet specific, including titles such as “Anime”, “Movies, “Games”, and etc.

Geeks With Taste on Facebook:

For all you social networkers out there: Geeks With Taste now has a Facebook page. Anytime there is a new post here on GWT, a short and sweet Facebook update will occur on the page, allowing for quick an easy knowledge and access of and to new posts. This way, you don’t have to go through the hassle of checking periodically or subscribing and checking your email to find updates. Now you can just check your Facebook page, and bam! You’re informed. General blog changes will also probably be posted onto the Facebook page just to let you know of basic stuff. Oh, and don’t worry; I’m not a chronic Facebooker, and if I ever do become one, I’ll keep it on my personal page and not the blog page.

And that’s really all the semi-important stuff that’s been happening around the blog lately. I’ll keep continuing to make Geeks With Taste a more user-friendly environment, and an overall fun place for everybody. Until then, this has been Sachi, keeping you up with the news!