FanimeCon 2010

Memorial Day weekend is done and over with, and how did I spend it? At FanimeCon with friends, of course! Fanime, as the name implies, is a large anime convention held by the fans, for the fans, and has been running annually since 1994. This year I was lucky enough to score a ride to San Jose and meet up with some online friends. It was a blast!

As it is easily discernible, I am quite the convention goer, and I kinda knew what to expect when I got there: long lines, expensive  everything, and a lot of cosplays. However, this particular convention is different from most of the conventions I’ve attended. While it did have long lines, expensive everythings, and a lot of cosplays, it seemed a lot more fan-oriented, and was a lot more cozy, whereas ComiCon and WonderCon are huge and lack the same intimacy with its attendees (not to say they didn’t have their own superior aspects).

When I had finally got past registration, I arrived just in time to meet up with friends and catch the Q&A session with Hiroyuki Yamaga, an animation director and one of the founding members of the animation studio Gainax. He had a few interesting answers to a few interesting questions by a few interesting people, most concerning internet rumors, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and other plans Gainax currently has. 

Afterward, in the same room, a young, energetic woman ran in to show us the premiere of her web series, Otaku: The Series. An interesting project, Otaku: The Series is about Coco, that energetic girl I just mentioned, who just become president of an Anime club, and it will tell the geeky adventures of her and her friends as they share their passion of anime. It certainly did look fun, and I look forward to seeing more of it when it comes out. Shortly thereafter, Summer Wars premiered on screen, and you can all look forward to a full review soon.

When we finally got out of Ballroom B, we decided to hit up the Maid Cafe. The place took up a small corner of the the building, and its menu was just as small, which is reasonable, considering they needed to clear the tables quickly to keep the line moving. Our maid sat down with us, and we had a nice, quaint conversation over lunch about anime and etc. Afterward we got our picture taken with her and a few other maids.

For the rest of the day we pretty much wondered around the Dealer’s Room, checking out all the fun and interesting booths, picking up nice things on the way while claiming we were trying to reserve money. There was even a large game room full of arcade and board games with hundreds of people interacting and getting to know each other. Lastly, we stopped by the Art Gallery, where artists would lay out their original art work, and even sell it. Overall, walking around was a great and fun experience.

Another thing that this year’s Fanime had that I missed was a premiere of Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance, that had come out on DVD and Blu-Ray earlier that week in Japan. Friends that did happen to see it claim it was amazing to be able to watch something as epic as Evangelion in a semi-theater like setting.

So in the end, Fanime was a large success, and I will definitely try to make it next year, possibly even dressing up for the occasion (Sachi in a dress, ftw! (?)). And who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to meet up with more friends next time around and it will be even more fun! For now, I’m satisfied with this year, which was certainly a great present for my upcoming birthday (tomorrow, lol). Until my next convention, or other large event (like, maybe the Final Frontier tour this month?), this has been another Geeks With Taste update, brought straight to you by Sachi!

Tis me (on the right), along with two buddies and our maids.