The Woman Behind the Maid (AKA: The Maid Behind the Woman)

For my second interview I was able to bring in Xeroko, the sexy mistress of Princess Xeroko’s Maidly Blog and a member of the Evageeks forums, a site dedicated to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Xeroko was very nice and receptive of the questions, and I times I could not help but stare at her boots. Anyways, let the interview begin:

Q. Hello, and welcome to the Geeks With Taste exclusive interview with none other than you; Xeroko, the maidly goddess of the Evageeks forums. Before we jump right into the interview, lets have you tell the world a little bit about yourself: who are you; what are your interests; and what do you hope to be in life?

A. Well thank you for having me Sachi-dearest, I’m glad I get to be part of your blog interviews! Anywho, I’m nineteen years old, born and raised in New York City. I love to cosplay, play video games, write, paint models, and all the other fun stuff people my age do. Anything that lets me express myself is something I can find joy in doing really. Music is also one of my passions, I play the guitar myself and I just love listening to all kinds of music, from classical to the heaviest metal possible. As for my future? Well sadly I had to transfer to a school closer to home due to some medical issues and my aspiring pharmacy career went down in flames. Right now I’m just getting back on my feet after a rough winter and I’m going for something math related, what I’m gonna do with it though, I have no idea. Time will tell.

Q. Wow, it certainly sounds like you are going through a rough time. I do hope that things begin to work out for you soon, and maybe we can finally set up that band we have been talking about. Anyways, what do you think of the Evageeks forums, and how have your interactions with the other forum members gone?

A. At first Evageeks was just a nice little reference site for me when I needed some info on the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Their wiki had everything I ever needed to know about show and all the hidden little things in it. Eventually I found my way to the forums and all the antics that came with it. At first I lurked, which was what I did for most of my early internet experiences. One day I decided to hop on to the IRC chat room and I became good friends with all the regulars. The community there is really nice; they’ve probably got the most diverse set of people I’ve ever seen on a forum. I mean there are the trolls and such, but they can be pretty funny. Other than that it’s just a fun place for me to talk about Eva and anything else really. It was also one of the first places I got to show off my maid outfit to, which was really touching.

Q. They really are a nice family, aren’t they? I know I can always count on them whenever I am going through tough times; and God knows I have had to more than once. Speaking of your maid uniform, what is it like outfitting yourself into a maid dress and how does this reflect who you are as a person?

A. Dressing like a maid was truly a liberating experience, and something that I had never really done before. As I’m sure you know, I adore maids, everything about them just clicks with me, from the frilly dresses to the nice black and white colors to the adorable headdresses that go with them. Being able to finally dress and act a little like one let me be myself more. All the minor anguishes of my day seemed to just bounce off me; it was like donning the uniform really turned me from Alice into Xeroko, Maid Extraordinaire. I really cannot wait to go to a con as a maid, not to sound arrogant, but I look fabulous in my get up, and I’m sure I’ll attract lots of fans *wink*

Q. Continuing on the maid topic, you also run a blog of your own called ‘Princess Xeroko’s Maidly Blog’, which does various kinds of reviews. Please tell us a bit about your blog, and what inspires you to write what you write about.

A. That’s right, I run my own blog, Princess Xeroko’s Maidly Blog, and I can already tell you think the title is a mouthful. Let me explain the title, Princess comes from the fact that well…I’m just a dear little princess of a maid. Xeroko of course is my online name and the blog itself contains all kinds of subliminal Maidly messages. My blog features a wide array of reviews about music, video games, models, and when I get around to it, TV shows and movies. I love to share my thoughts about things I love, so it’s really a great outlet for expression. And while I do have a nice dedicated following it would be nice if I got the occasional comment, I’m looking at you fans.

Q. Don’t be looking at me, I always make sure to keep up on your blog and, although I could probably give you a few more comments, I also make sure to give you feedback online, and I’m sure all your buddies with Evageeks do as well. Besides Evageeks, what else do you like to do in your leisurely time on the internet?

A. I tend to browse forums about games, cosplay and Warhammer 40,000, which is the brand of models I collect and build and paint. I’ll pretty much go anywhere if it has a nice community, I really love making new friends both on and offline so it’s a nice place to get friendly and have fun. I also love browsing around internet stores and planning and putting together my cosplay costumes (of which I’m about to start my second!).

Q. And that brings us to the end of the interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to everybody before I turn this camera off?

A. I’d just like to say thank you for having me Sachi-dearest, and I hope I can be a guest on your blog again. To all my fans I’d like to announce that in the near future I will be adding a cosplay segment to my blog where I will post pictures of me and my lovely outfits (along with all my sexy shoes). So stay tuned and get ready tonight or tomorrow where I will post my newest update to the blog, my review of Tool’s album Lateralus. With that, it was absolutely lovely being here Sachi, I can’t wait to read your coming interviews! Toodles

And there you have it, folks. Xeroko the maidly princess, host of Princess Xeroko’s Maidly Blog here on WordPress. Be sure to give her blog a good visit, especially if you are a big fan of metal, because she has plenty of amazing reviews. Until next time, this has been another interview by Sachi!