The Legendary Interview

Before I begin, I suppose I should take a brief moment to explain myself. For the past few weeks I have been pondering upon a new concept that I have been wanting to add to Geeks With Taste: community member interviews. You heard me right. As of today I shall begin on a new branch of Geeks With Taste focusing on getting to the heart of the famous and notorious people we have seen around online. Whether it is a moderator of a forum, an fan-artist, a writer, or even a normal person like you or me, there is something interesting about everybody, and I am going to show you why.

Receiving the honor of the first person to by interviewed by Geeks With Taste is a well-known figure among the Evageeks forums, and a former writer for the Geeks With Taste press, someone you all used to know as TakatoGuil here, but everywhere else he is simply the legendary Legendary! Legendary is known for his participation in the fanfiction and roleplay groups of Evageeks, and has been heavily involved with thread-based role plays, as well as IRC-based, where he happens to moderate a certain roleplay channel hosted by the Evageeks themselves, #egf-rpg. I got a hold of Legendary while in this channel, and I managed to get an interview with him. So, without further adieu, I give you an insight into the legendary mind of a legendary person.

Q. You’ve been a member on the Evageeks forums for almost two years now. Overall, how would you describe your experiences as a community member there on the forums?

A. Well, I have to say that the time I’ve spent here has been mostly all right. Nearly everyone is friendly, for example, and I greatly enjoy the Fan Works section. The RP sessions, for example, were pretty much amazing.

Sadly though, EvaGeeks is not perfect. There’ve been a a few situations where I’ve very much disagreed with the mods, and then there’s the standard internet trolls that show up. It does help though that I seem to be given free reign, I’ve gotten away with a lot of insults at them that some other members wouldn’t have.

Basically, though, I’d recommend to any Evangelion fans who can put up with a bit of crazy.

Q. And crazy is something everybody should certainly look forward, especially with characters such as Reichu and BrikHaus. Speaking of role play sessions, you’re also a moderator on the IRC channel designated for us Evageeks that enjoying a little role playing every once in a while, #egf-rpg. In general, how is life in the channel from day to day?

A. It’s INSANE is what it is. I’m honestly amazed we can stand each other sometimes, it really seems like there’s way more tension in there than there should be. Like, there’s been a few weirdos in the chan, but at least we’ve smoothed them out.

Sadly though, there isn’t generally quite as much RP as there used to be, since people change and there’s all sorts of schedule stuff and the like. Even with me. I’m hoping we’ll pick up and do some more kick-ass RPs over the summer.

Q. The lack of role players certainly as a distressing sign. Perhaps some fresh, young, eager blood in the mix will help spice things up soon. Here’s hoping for an exciting summer. You also write a lot of fanfic, including the notorious ‘Rewrite of Evangelion’ which can be seen on the Evageeks Forums, as well as a few well-know CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) threads. Why would you say inspires you in writing these?

A. Inspiration? Well, Rewrite of Evangelion was inspired by 2.0 and my wanting to kind of combine the two continuities into something everyone could like. Basically every episode so far has clear roots in something from one or the other, and most of the really original ideas… just seem to flow naturally.

The CYOAs, meanwhile, were mostly inspired by CYOAs and regular roleplaying games. For the most part, I try to take them in the direction that the players seem to want; if they want a romantic relationship with Asuka and act accordingly, she responds in a romantic manner. The only major exception is when they do something that’s (at least in my mind) obviously a bad choice.

Out of curiosity, what makes you say that Rewrite is “notorious”?

Q. Well, Rewrite of Evangelion has caused a bit of a stir in the fandom within Evageeks, and one person has even mistook it for the real script of one of the new Rebuild movies. Your writing has had a little bit of criticism for the script-format you had it in. Although, recently you have begun rewriting Rewrite of Evangelion in narrative form instead of script. What encouraged you to do this?

A. Whoa there, first off, slight correction here. Rewrite of Evangelion has never been confused for anything official EVER. The fic you’re thinking of is another script-fic that was designed to continue Rebuild, which did cause confusion.

Second, at least three people were confused. My ego is important you know.

I mostly started rewriting Rewrite for the purposes of getting it up on, which has stricter policies. Naturally, once I started doing this life got busy and the whole fic is on hiatus, but that’s life. I hope to reinstate it over the summer, maybe even finish it.

Q. Ah, my apologies. I must have confused what you had told me earlier. Hopefully that question doesn’t get on the final publication. Anyways, aside from Evageeks, where else online do you tend to frequent, and how do you enjoy those sites in contrast to Evageeks?

A. I absolutely adore tvtropes and Fark. I read a lot of webcomics; even tried making one (let’s not talk about it. It was hideous), but I don’t really contribute much in those avenues. Finally, I visit religiously. If you’re ever bored, that site will cure that problem in about five minutes.

Really though, it’s hard to compare any of them to each other. They’re all very different websites.

Q. At one point, you had a working position on the well-known blog titled ‘Geeks With Taste’. While you did not contribute much as far as quantity, you played a major role in its development as a blog up until now. How were experiences working as one of ‘The Geeks’, and how was working with the creator of the blog, Sachi?

A. It was mostly all right, although it’s entirely possible that certain individuals were entirely too focused on “ratings” and never stopped harping about it. Also, when another certain someone whose name may or may not be spelled “S-A-C-H-I” let their girlfriend join, I knew GWT wasn’t the blog I knew.

But I jest. It was pretty fun and if I ever have time and feel cool enough to review things again, I might ask if I can come back.

Q. I’m hoping that you someday do decide to return, and we can put the old team back together. One last thing before we begin to wrap this up: what is it like being the first person to by interviewed by Sachi as he begins his conquest into a new realm of blogging?

A. It’s been pretty fun, especially since I get to add it to the list of ways I’ve been cutting edge on this amazing internet. I’m sure I’ll get famous from this sooner or later.

Q. That just about wraps up this interview. Are there any last words you would like to say to the public before leaving?

A. Stay awesome people. Or start being awesome if you’re not already.

Have a nice night, Sachi. And do get rid of your girlfriend, the Rei bedsheets. They’re ruining everything.

And there you have it folks, Legendary right here on Geeks With Taste. Be sure to tune in next time, because we have an amazing interview coming up. I’m not sure who it’s going to be, but I’ll keep you all posted. Until then, this has been another interview by none other than Sachi!