Repo Men

Today I went to my local theater and watched Repo Men, based on the book, The Repossession Mambo, by screenwriter, Eric Garcia. A lot of hate as been thrown at this movie, and probably for good reason. At first look, this movie looks as though it may be one of the largest rip-offs in history. A company that repossess your organs if you fail to make your payments by sending repo men that will surgically remove them with no care whether you live or die as a result? Hm, sounds an awful lot like Repo! The Genetic Opera to me (great movie, by the way). On closer look, it kind of is a complete rip-off. However, when viewing it, I tried to put all of that aside and simply watched it at face value for what it is. In the end, it wasn’t that much of a disappointment.

The premise is as follows:

In a future, not far from our own, there is a company that has revolutionized the organ business. The Union has developed state-of-the-art artificial organs ready to be sold to the needy, but for a hefty price. Remy (Jude Law) and his partner, Jake (Forest Whitaker), are two of the top repossession agents working for The Union who track down people that have failed to pay off their organs in time, and simply take the organs back, leaving the patients to fend for themselves afterward. After an accident on the job, Remy has his heart replaced and his life is changed forever. Everything has now become personal for Remy, and feels he can no longer do his work as a repo man. With no source of income, Remy begins a fight for his life as he learns what it’s like to be on the other side of the knife. Will Remy be able to escape The Union, or will his ex-partner be the one to repossess his heart?

All in all, Repo Men is an upbeat and sexy bloodbath. Typically, for this type of movie, you’d expect nothing less of a serious atmosphere, which, to some, may be bland and boring. However, Repo Men is not afraid to have a bit of fun, and nears ridiculous extremes reminiscent of the Crank movies, but not quite so extreme; perhaps closer to Shoot ‘Em Up. So, here we have a fun, bloody action movie that gets into the knitty-gritty of hands-on effects that must have been a pure thrill to make. This movie delivers one of the sexiest surgeries I have ever seen, as well what may be my favorite knife fight of all time, simply because of the shear corniness. Kudos to the fun atmosphere and visual effects.

However, the story itself has many things wrong with it, and it seemed to lack much direction. Some of the concepts were a little too corny for the movie, and some were just outright stupid. A lot of the characters seemed almost two-dimensional and never really went into any dynamics; and when they did, it seemed greatly forced, which is never a good thing in a story, not matter how corny it is.

So, in this movie we get the participation from some pretty big-name actors such as Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, and Liev Schreiber (whom plays Remy’s boss, Frank). For the roles that were designed for them, they played their parts well and kept up the overall feel of the entire movie, making it what it is. However, like I said, they were almost completely static characters whom experienced no growth at all, which isn’t the actor’s fault so much as it is the writer’s. As far as playing the parts that were written for them, and possibly even making them better than they night have been, the actors did a great job.

Overall, as a movie by itself, it is not completely horrible. The acting is good, the visuals are great, but that’s about as far as it goes. The story is choppy, unoriginal, and pretty disappointing. I do, however, give kudos to the completely unexpected ending, which is a complete slap in the face, but I love it and I credit whoever decided to go with that. In conclusion, I’m deciding to give this movie a 5/10, losing points for being such a rip-off of, again, Repo! The Genetic Opera, otherwise this might have been a cult classic. I recommend this movie those who love fun, gritty, and corny action movies with high-budgets, big actors, and bloody brilliant visuals, which is really what saved it. I don’t recommend this movie to those looking for a story, depth, or a serious action-flick. With the right audience, this is a great movie, otherwise be ready for a disappointment.