Throw Out the Welcoming Commission…

Hello Word Press! After several months of hosting my blog on Blogspot, I have finally decided to upgrade to Word Press and continue the rest of blog-worthy ideas here. A few changes are going to be made to my typical blogging habits; on top of the usual Album Review, Lyric Analysis, and Life of Sachi categories, I shall now be including Game and TV Show Reviews, and anything else I didn’t mention will probably be dropped or somehow categorized into something else.

Any prior blog posts I’ve made can be found here: Sachi’s old blog. (The latest post being my Bohemian Rhapsody analysis)

That said, I might as well introduce myself! My name is Kyle, otherwise known as Sachi by my online peers, and I am currently a Junior in high school and preparing for the college life to come just a little more than a year from now. As I’ve pointed out in other descriptions of myself, my life as of late has been an endless spiral of colors that I am now beginning to enjoy and take hold of to my advantage as I get everything back on track. You can very frequently find my on the Evageeks Forums because I’m a huge fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, along with tons of other anime, many of which I may end up reviewing here on my blog. Aside from anime, I have a huge passion for music, which will also become apparent in my blog as I start making Album Reviews, and the sort.

And that’s where I’ll stop. All of you can look forward to many more posts in the future, some certainly more focused than this one, and some that may even be enjoyable. Until then, you’re stuck with this! Enjoy it!